Speak Up. Stand Tall. Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum!

Courses, groups and 1:1 with Richard Mills

It’s not just the words you use...

It’s how you say them…



And it’s how you feel about yourself…

…that makes you confident.

Work with our inspiring trainers here at Confidence Tracks: develop your interpersonal skills, learn how to enjoy public speaking, and deepen your self-knowledge.

Do you:

  • Get scared about the idea of making a presentation?
  • Doubt your ability to make an impact?
  • Apologise too much?
  • Agree to do things, then regret it later?
  • Find it difficult to handle criticism?
  • Feel angry, but not know what to do?
  • Let your feelings control you?

Would you like to:

  • Enjoy making presentations?
  • Present yourself with impact?
  • Ask for things, without feeling guilty?
  • Speak up in a group, even when you are afraid?
  • Say no? … without feeling you are rude?
  • Stand tall and proud, when facing the world around you?
  • Handle  difficult emotions well?

This is for you!

My personal development courses in Co-Counselling, Public Speaking and Assertiveness Skills are designed to give you the most useful and inspiring experience possible. I will help you engage with some great learning and help you leave with a spring in your step. I place high importance on five super-important elements of a successful course:

  • Focus
  • Fun
  • Friendliness
  • Feedback
  • inFormation
Presentation Skills and public speaking

Assertiveness Skills training

Asking for things directly, responding to requests honestly, and giving or getting tricky feedback can feel difficult or even impossible, but it’s possible to learn how to handle this well.
Come onto this course and learn great soft skills that will help you maintain good feelings and productive outcomes in your relationships.

Presentation Skills and public speaking

Making an Impact!: Presentation Skills Course

Public speaking often scares the life out of people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can do something about it right now: this hands-on course will help you develop presentation skills that will help you put your message across in a memorable way, whether at work, in a job interview, in a community situation, or socially.

Presentation Skills and public speaking

Know Yourself! + Co-Counselling: A unique course that may change your life

Unlock your potential! … Be more authentic!
The aim of this course is to help you raise self-confidence, self-esteem and your ability to grasp life fully, helping you live autonomously, creatively and in touch with all your emotions. It can help you develop deep self-awareness, and help you embrace your past and your present, so that difficult feelings have less of a grip on you.

‘I’ve spent my whole life avoiding embarrassing situations with great cost to any achievement I might have made, but after just a few hours with Richard I have for the first time some real hope of turning things around.’

- Raymond Ore

Croydon, ‘Finding Your Brilliance’ workshop at Laurieston Hall, August 2013

Courses delivered

Participants on courses

Counselling clients seen

1:1 coaching clients seen

‘If you know anyone who is lacking in confidence and perhaps is struggling to communicate at work (or indeed anywhere!) then in my opinion Richard is the chap to contact.  We had reason to enlist the help of Richard for a new young employee that had these issues and I cannot express enough how much Richard has done for this young man – the transformation is incredible.  Clearly Richard knows what he is doing!  Our employee found him easy to communicate with and we  the employer also found Richard to be very accommodating and very easy to deal with.’

1-2-1 Confidence Coaching for staff, 2014

Carol Rochnia

Finance and Personnel Officer, York Trust LLP, Leeds

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Richard Mills

Richard Mills

Owner and Lead Trainer

Richard Mills, BA, PGDIM, BSc, LGSMD, BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Confidence and Assertiveness Trainer, CCI Co-Counselling Trainer.

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Joanna Klopotek

Joanna Klopotek

Assistant Trainer

Joanna Klopotek
BA, Health Trainer, Qualified Yoga Instructor, Interpreter.

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