1:1 Coaching with Richard Mills

This is a 1:1 experience based on our confidence courses, ‘Assertiveness Skills: Speak Up!… Take Your Time!’ and ‘Presentation Skills: Making an Impact!’

You may choose to come to us for individual coaching rather than, or in addition to, coming to a course.  This may be because

  • You can’t make the course dates
  • You don’t want to work in a group
  • You want a specially designed programme to fit your own needs
  • You want to use our help to follow up and build on your course experience

Here’s what we do

Body language

We focus on how to use your body confidently, and, where needed, we do simple exercises on:

  • How to sit
  • How to stand
  • How to walk
  • What to do with your hands


We focus on how to use your voice confidently, and, where needed, we do simple exercises on:

  • Voice volume
  • Tone and contour
  • Emphasis
  • Pace

Verbal language: the words you use.

During our first session and before that, after you have contacted us, I will first hear from you what your needs and wishes are.  We will consider the kinds of situations you want help with, such as:

  • Making presentations
  • Job interviews
  • Standing up to colleagues
  • Receiving criticism
  • Giving criticism
  • Receiving requests
  • Making requests
  • Handling put-downs
  • Saying that you don’t know/understand, without loss of face
  • Selling yourself, making an impact
  • Delivering bad news to other people
  • Apologising without loss of face
  • Admitting mistakes promptly and honestly
  • Negotiating

We will spend much of our time doing exercises involving scenarios from your own life (not fictitious ones) when you can practice uses techniques that I will tell you about in our session.  Practice really helps!  And…no acting skills are required: you just need to be you.


Location: These take place in our office in Oakwood, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 4BA

Price: £85 per hour in the daytime (£95 per hour starting at or after 6.00pm).

Free initial meeting

Before we begin work, I would want to get an idea of what your needs are. Ideally you would come to our office for a meeting that would last for 30 – 60 minutes. During this meeting:

  • We will discuss what has prompted you to contact us, so I can get an understanding of your needs: I will ask you some questions that will help us get into the detail of your concern(s).
  • You can find out more about how I work, and what I am like to be with
  • I can assess what the best approach is
  • You can decide whether to take this further

If you don’t want to come to our office for this first meeting, we can cover this on the phone or via Skype.

Pay as you go

You can choose the frequency of our contact, although I would advise you on this.  This means that you don’t have to commit to a certain number of sessions in advance. Usually, people come for about three sessions, which can be enough to make a significant difference in confident communication.


“I went for 3 sessions in confidence/ assertiveness training. It was invaluable and tailored to what I wanted to get out of the sessions. I particularly enjoyed the session on non verbal communication and how body language can be interpreted. Well worth the visits. Thank-you.”

SB - Manchester

“Richard impressed me from our very first meeting, with his insightfulness and his confidence in his ability to help me. Richard’s Presentation Skills sessions were practical, challenging, flexible to the situation and ultimately enjoyable. They definitely worked to improve my presence, confidence and impact. Thank you”


Engagement Manager, Manchester