Confidence Tracks: Choose Your Own Path

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”People don’t leave their jobs. They leave their managers because they’re sick of them. Managers learn about emotional literacy in MBAs but don’t use that knowledge practically. We have to be more proactive in valuing relationships. There’s a premium on helping work relationships work.”

Ruth Sutherland, CEO of Relate

The Guardian, Saturday 26 October 2013

How confident are your staff?

Every organisation needs people who are able to:

  • Handle conflict without over-reacting, or else avoiding the issue
  • Make an impact when thye want to put things across
  • Address people directly and calmly when things feel tricky
  • Speak up when they have a thought or feeling that needs airing
  • Listen to feedback openly and without getting defensive
  • Voice concerns and dissatisfactions rather the leaving them to build up

Get some assertiveness and confidence training for your staff!

I deliver top quality training to companies and public sector organisations that helps their staff deal with interpersonal situations effectively. My courses help them to make an increased impact when they are presenting a message, idea or thought, whether in a group or to an individual.
The training

The training is usually based on the same courses that I deliver to individuals who book up directly with me: the most popular are assertiveness training (‘Speak Up!…Assertive Communication) and presenting skills (‘Making an Impact! … Confident Self-Presentation’).
Tailored to your team

When you first contact me I will want to hear from you what you concerns and needs are. This is so that I can make sure that I am delivering a training that is the best fit for your particular team, and how your staff are at this particular moment.
I will then make a proposal about what I am to deliver and what we hope to achieve.
If you decide to go ahead with this, one thing I would want to do is measure the outcomes: I do this by giving a simple questionnaire to individual course participants before the course starts, and then after one month, and finally after six months.

I can work with any size of group, from two upwards, and I can also work with individuals who want to have some 1-2-1 coaching. My experience tells me that the most effective experience is had in a small group, e.g 6 people.
Course methods

I talk to the group, delivering content and context but without long lectures
Group exercises
1-2-1 coaching within the group
The tone of the course

Staff members who come onto the courses sometimes start the day with feelings of nervousness or even trepidation: I create a vibe on the course which includes:
fun and friendliness
concentration and purpose
optimism and upbeat mentality
a feeling that it’s safe to ‘give it a go’
I notice that course members leave the course with a feeling of buoyancy, a feeling that they ‘can do it’.
My clients

Bradford City Council
Leeds City Council
Harewood Medical Practice, Catterick Garrison
Burley Lodge Centre, Leeds

We’ll talk about price after I have an idea of what’s required, and I hope you’ll find that my price will be realistic.
The next step

Please get in touch, and we can discuss how we can help you.