Co-Counselling is Different

Have a look at the pictures below…

and you’ll see how co-counselling:

  • is peer-to-peer, and non-hierarchical
  • is done in groups and 1:1
  • is directed by… you! You’re in charge!
  • uses voice, body and words
  • can be cathartic
  • offers techniques from varied therapeutic methods
  • lets you work sitting, standing, lying, walking etc
  • is free, after you’ve done the short course

OK, it’s got the ‘Counselling’ word in it, which can look like this:

I have nothing against all that – sitting on chairs, paying for professional services, and even lying on a couch. After all, I am a professional therapist myself. But co-counselling works in a very different way…

Co-counselling can look like this…