Therapy at Confidence Tracks is with me, Richard Mills. I have been offering counselling and psychotherapy privately in Leeds since 2001. You can find out more about me and my approach to this by going to my other website, dedicated to my therapy practice:

There are many reasons for seeking help. You may be feeling upset and distressed, or have problems in your relationships with others. You may have had a life-crisis like bereavement or redundancy, or may feel upset about something that happened some time ago. You may feel empty or lacking a direction, and that life makes little sense. Perhaps you want to have more confidence in your dealings with others.

Whilst on paper we can separate out distinct problem areas or issues – motivation, self-esteem, bereavement, abuse, sex, adoption, divorce etc – each person brings their own unique self to the therapy room. This inevitably means that each therapy is unique and created afresh, tailor-made for you.
Perhaps it will help to know some of the issues people have come to me with:

Abuse (sexual, mental or physical)
Anxiety and panic
Bereavement (including cot death)
Divorce and separation
Eating or food-use disorders
Ethnic identity
Guilt about past behaviour
Men’s issues
Relationship difficulties
Self-esteem and self-confidence
Workplace stress
My other website tells you more about fees, location, how I work, how to book an appointment etc.