…think again…

I sometimes hear people say ‘Oh, I hate role-play!’, so much so that they even decide to miss out on a course that could help them so much. But why is it they feel this way?: it’ s often because they think they will be required to act – to act out a role that is fictitious, and that they will have to marshal their ‘non-existent’ acting skills, making them feel embarrassed.

Why my courses are different…

On my assertiveness courses we do exercises to help you deal with situations like handling requests and handling criticism, but when it comes to working with scenarios to address these points, we use situations from your own life. You are the one who chooses exactly the situation that you are working on, from the last week/month/year in in your life (or from next week etc): you don’t have to play a role that’s not you.

Before the course starts we send you a message asking you to think about certain tricky situations in your own life. This is what my message looks like: Situations from your life

Just be you!

The result is that you get to work on those tricky or awkward situations without having to ‘act’ – because you just have to be you! People come onto my course and sometimes say: ‘I don’t usually like role-play, but this time I enjoyed it!’